Napa Valley: wine tasting tour at Robert Mondavi

90% of the wines produced in the United States is on the West Coast, the vast majority being in California. Napa Valley outputs 4% of the wine production in California. This post shares a brief history and the current wine production process at Robert Mondavi Winery.

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East Coast Vacation: DC, Philly, NY, New Haven, and Boston.

View of Manhattan from the Staten Island ferry.

I recently took my family to the east coast for vacation. This post shares not just the fun of traveling, but also the planning, logistics, and costs of the trip. My goal is to inspire you to travel with the understanding that it doesn’t cost a fortune to explore and have a good time.

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Denver, Colorado: thoughts on a short stay.

Back in the hotel after a long day. Took 3 taxis around the eastern part of the Greater Denver area. Besides the interesting conversations the taxi drivers shared (they’re all political refugees from parts of Africa), I got to take a good look at my surroundings. Continue reading “Denver, Colorado: thoughts on a short stay.”