In memory of Taiwan grandma.


I’m sad that I will no longer hear your voice every time I call 05-245310. I’m sad that, when the family gathers together all over from Chiayi, Taichung, Kaoshiung, and California, you won’t be able to sit at the table with everyone. I’m sad that I won’t be able to eat the delicious cabbage and egg soup you make, the fresh fish you get directly from the market, and everything in between. And I’m sorry that I could not see you last year because of COVID. I really wanted to see you again.

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What I’m thankful for this year.

2020 began with fireworks in Hilo, Hawaii, preventing Bonita and I from falling asleep well past our usual bedtime. No worries; we had spent New Years Eve exploring a waterfall, eating poke, and watching the sun set at the world’s newest beach.

Isaac Hale Park, formed from volcanic eruptions in 2018.
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In memory of Grandma.

Pork rice noodle rolls. Sashimi. Curry. Pork skewers. Grilled fish. Mayonnaise shrimp. Hot pot.

When I think of grandma, I think of all the meals she prepared for the family. For the 21 years I lived at home, grandma cooked the vast majority of dinners. Not only did she care about the taste, the presentation was equally important. She’d carefully choose which dinnerware to use; place the foods down with intention; portioned the amounts to make the dish look aesthetically pleasing. I always told her she was an “artist cook.” The cuisine changed depending on season, as she preferred buying groceries on sale, but the quality was always there.

Hot pot, 2013.
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7 days in Taiwan and Japan: how I survived traveler’s diarrhea in my first ever solo travel.

I was supposed to visit Taiwan last month, but due to COVID-19, had to cancel plans. I miss my relatives dearly, but thankfully have good memories from my trip last year to Taiwan and Japan.

This post shares my three days in Taiwan, followed by four days in Japan. This was my first ever non-business solo trip.

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Product Strategy: Defining & Tracking the Right Metrics.

This essay shares my perspective on product strategy. I allude to takeaways from a product management workshop I attended hosted by Amplitude (a product analytics company), along with some learnings from Guy Kawasaki’s The Start of the Start.

The objective of this post is to help you set the right metrics that align with your product strategy, to effectively track those metrics, and ultimately build the right product.

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