Detroit, Michigan: The Atheneum Suite Hotel.

Brr, it’s cold here. It’s currently 21 degrees Fahrenheit.


Flying through Arizona to Houston, then Houston to Detroit.

I’ve never been to Michigan before. And I’m guilty of not knowing too much about this place: all I know of Detroit and the state as a whole is of the once-booming automobile industry turned into bankrupt, declining populating state.

So, I was amazed at how beautiful the city skyline was. I’ll be sure to explore a bit tomorrow before my flight back to LAX on Tuesday morning. I’ve booked my last three flights and hotel stays, yet did not explore much of Denver or Stockton. I won’t make the same mistake with Detroit.

The hotel I booked was based off of convenience of location, not quality of the place. I did not expect to walk into this:




9th floor.


Lounge room.


Corridor leading to bedroom and bathroom.





This place is even nicer than Hyatt Place in Denver!

Looking forward to working tomorrow and exploring the city in the night.

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