Downtown Detroit, Michigan.

Real quick about how my day went from 8-5pm.

Presented to 192 people for half an hour.

My table outside of the conference room.

Enough about work, let’s get to some exploring.

It snowed for several hours today, very lightly. This is the first time that I’ve been somewhere while it’s actively snowing (skiing in the mountains does not cost, even though that day snowing really heavily). So beautiful. But my face was falling off. Spoiled California blood (me) can’t handle this.

Had dinner at this location in Clinton Township, a new suburb.

That’s Canada you’re looking at. I didn’t know that Detroit bordered Canada, separated by the Detroit River. People here call it “The River,” and many streets are labeled “# Mile Road” with the number indicating the distance from the river.

Walked to the Renaissance Center, the world headquarters of General Motors. Walked around the first three floors and saw cars on display, shops, and restaurants.

This is the tallest all-hotel skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. I took the elevator to the top floor at 696 feet above ground. Had tea in the bar (Andy hasn’t drank alcohol in many months) and had a wonderful view of Canada and the rest of Detroit.

Got back down and took Detroit’s public tram, which is called the People Mover. What a funny name! I made a full loop and got off at the Greektown Station. Walked through the casino, which was much larger than I expected, then returned back to my hotel.

Back to the hotel by 8pm.

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