What I’m thankful for this year.

2013, like all years, has been trying but rewarding.This year, I’ll try to opt out of the cliche route and talk about something other than my immediate family.

I’m thankful for a job that I love. A job that allowed me to see the Netherlands, Denver, Stockton, and Detroit in the past 30 days. That allowed me to walk past the Transamerica building and work in the heart of San Francisco. That allowed me to see my friends at Berkeley for three months longer. A job that is sending me to Taiwan in three days.


I’m thankful for all of my cousins. They’ve always been role models, from going to good schools to getting good jobs and getting married to having lovely children. From the Stanfords, the Whartons, and Harvards, the Kecks, and the Berkeleys, they subliminally pressured me to try my best and actualize my potential.

I’m thankful that I have been able to see them every Thanksgiving for the past 15 years.

I’m thankful for having friends who are willing to meet up at moment’s notice after three or more months of hiatus. The ones whom I rarely talk to, I’ve found, are some of my closest friends. We’re off doing our own things, and I’m happy that we get to rendezvous when we’re all local.


Lastly, and this is a semi-joke, I’m happy that, despite how much the United States can improve on so many areas, I can go to the shooting range at will and engage in one of my most favorite hobbies.

I’m happy that, as an American, I get to purchase my own handguns.

I’ll miss all of this in the next 1-3 years. Thanks for everything!

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