A newbie travel mistake in Denver, Colorado.

I have much to learn about traveling.

Denver International Airport.

For one, I didn’t realize that my hotel provided a free shuttle. So I took a taxi.

The ride was much, much longer than I expected for 13 miles. So after 30 minutes of driving on the freeway, I asked him to confirm that Hyatt Place was where we were headed to.

He stared at my phone for a while, shocked. Then he whispered “no” and I could tell he was really, really upset.

He made a U-Turn and stopped the meter at $55.40. We drove back towards the airport.

We arrive at the Hyatt, and he points out to me the free shuttle parked outside. I ate $60 and one less hour of sleep.

Anyway, this hotel is a bit (lot) more upscale than what I’m used to.

Big screen TV.

King Size bed.

There’s also a lounge area with a desk, a couch for three, and a second sink and fridge.

This suite is way too big for one person.

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