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Seeing the Lincoln Memorial & Reflecting Pool, DC (#14).

Tonight, I saw the Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool for the first time. I passed through there in the middle of my jog.

I tried to be soak in the romance as much as possible. I really did. I mean, it was aesthetically pleasing. And the weather was cool enough with nearly cloudless skies.

But all I got was a bunch of bugs to the face when I ran the Reflecting Pool strip. The entire time.

Bugs in my eyes. Bugs in my mouth. Bugs on my shins.

Then I dodged bikers and tourists in front of Lincoln. I think they hated the sweating panting me running behind their peace-sign holding photography.

So, Lincoln and the Pool was a first bad experience. But I shall return sweatless (unlikely), comfortable (hopefully), and with a camera (certainly).


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