Washington DC: volunteering efforts.

I’ve been a hermit for the past two weeks – been going through job recruitment and have been awake until 1-5 am every morning, including work days. Therefore, not much energy (and activity) to update.

Yesterday, I took a break for half of the day and volunteered at two local efforts. From 9-12pm, I helped prepare salads for homeless people at D.C. Central Kitchen. I met many interesting people from different sectors of life: an army Captain getting his masters degree from George Washington University, a woman who worked in politics for 26 years, and a woman who was born in North Carolina and moved to DC to live and work.

I was joined by a few other Berkeley folks who helped in the soups and meats sector, respectively. It was tiring but fulfilling, and we prepared enough food to feed about 3,000 people.

After, a friend and I went to the Rock Creek Tennis Courts to volunteer with disabled kids playing tennis. We arrived a bit late after getting lost (my fault) and eating lunch (blame our stomachs) and they were finishing up. The event was sponsored by Taiwanese American Professionals and I met some more folks in the organization.

The CitiOpen tournament began that day and we were able to watch a match between a Tunisian named Jaziri ranked in the 500s and an American named Kuznetsov ranked in the 180s. It was an entertaining match resulting in the latter winning 6-4 and 7-6.

I then came home and worked until 12:15am. Story of my life for the past two weeks. It’s fun though, really.

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