My takeaway from spending two weeks in Netherlands.

I’ve tended to suddenly stop writing about my previous experiences half way through. The Mexico sailing story from over three years ago still sits idly within my laptop, unfinished and unpublished; wondrous events from the study abroad experience in Beijing remain untold; Cal Lightweight Crew was a defining point in my college career, yet has received three measly posts; and don’t even get me started on Washington D.C. Continue reading “My takeaway from spending two weeks in Netherlands.”

Netherlands: war tribunals.

In my last semester of college, I took a terrific class called Ethics & Justice in International Affairs. It was a depressing class, really, that talked about atrocities committed by human beings: crimes against humanity, genocide, and war crimes.

So we talked of the Nuremberg Trials, the Cambodia Tribunals. and of Rwanda. Continue reading “Netherlands: war tribunals.”