Netherlands: the World Forum.

The conference which we attended is at the World Forum.

No amount of picture sharing will do this place justice. It’s incredibly gorgeous, every single floor which I’ve been on has been incredible.

Red carpet leading to the lobby.

Luxury lounge chairs. Beautifully set tables. And of course, the Europeans know how to dress. I can go on forever about how well dressed everyone is here.

A colleague who lives in Oslo says that all of her European friends look like Abercrombie models. Forget friends, everyone I see here look like they are models.

More thoughts on Netherlands:

  • You pay for water in many restaurants. ~$3 for a tiny glass bottle. You also typically pay for public restrooms, $0.60 to get in.
  • Tap water is clean and tasty, no need to filter. Hi San Francisco
  • Mosquitoes here are much less agile, easy to kill. Their bites also itch much less than them Taiwan counterparts.
  • Daylight savings time is different than the US. It’s October 27 and we’ve moved back one hour.
  • Innovation for college campuses? Potential market in the United States, anyone? Standard bike locks here include a circular lock attached to the wheels of a bike. Push down on the lock and remove the key and you’re all set, two seconds total.
  • Most cars I’ve seen are really small. This is surprising, considering most people I’ve seen here are tall, probably 5’11” and up. SUVs and trucks are more American than I thought.

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