Netherlands: the food.

The food is great here. Please note that flash photography is the worst thing possible for food.

I was also very self conscious of the taking-pictures-of-food behavior that I was engaging in, tried to be as subtle as possible.

Fish fun. Raw herring is a delicacy here and tastes great. Tiny shrimp.

Thin sliced deli cuts are a lot better tasting here than in the US. Never thought Salami would taste that good.

Spare ribs, cole slaw, baked potato. Embarrassing story: The green sauce on the left is garlic butter. I thought it was guacamole, ate a big chunk of it, proclaimed that it was really different but good tasting guacamole, and was ridiculed.

My colleague eating a Flavor Spear. The restaurant was called Flavors, great outdoor place.

Personally I think this photo makes the food disgusting, but it was different types of bread with cold sliced meats and that other fried thing with deliciousness inside.

This fat, fat cat tasted good too.

I’m not a cheese guy, but the Dutch know how to make it right because I loved this.

Baby shrimp, raw herring, raw salmon, raw beef to the bottom right (my first time, wow this was GOOD), different deli, mushroom soup (way too salty), and pumpkins.

Fondue. Embarrassing that I didn’t know what it was after knowing of Berkeley’s Fondue Fred for all those years. So it’s dipping food in cheese, or something.

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