Netherlands: describing that Dutch street.


There’s a street that I biked on, late at night. I had just finished dinner with my colleagues at a place called Pastanini’s.


Back to the street.

This street made me realize how minute my creative writing fares compared to the greats out there. That I have never been able to, and will probably never reach the ability to describe something in such complete detail that the reader can taste the food I’m describing, feel the weather I’m in, and see the wonders I’m seeing.

So I have to rely on a lackluster photo from a camera phone. But before then, let me try my best.

I rode back on this street at around 10pm in the night. The night was still with a slight breeze, and there was just a tiny hint of fog. This street was long and straight, with no traffic light to interrupt the symmetry. No cars to break the silence. No car lights to break the street lights.

The street lights hung quite high and beamed orange. They immersed with the fog, and supplemented with the fog, light breeze, and silence of the night, COT DAMN.

Really, I wish I could describe this better, but we need Tolkien here.

A lot has happened in the past two days, and I can’t wait to write about it. Thanks for reading!

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