Netherlands: the grocery store.

Grocery stores in The Netherlands warrant an entire blog post because they are just that great.

First off: so much produce. Great variety of fruit, greater variety of vegetables and pre-packaged vegetables, more so than Trader Joes.

Just one small section of the fruits and vegetables.

I think Dutch love cheese. Everywhere I’ve gone, there are cheese stores, or entire sections within grocery stores dedicated to cheese.

I think the Dutch love their coffee as well. And they provide free coffee to shoppers.

I also wanted to show you what the streets of The Hague looks like. Roads in the US, in Asia, and in Europe are so different! Bicycles are part of the Dutch’s culture, so there are separated bike lanes everywhere, many painted in clay red/orange.

Second day of work here is finished here. Looking forward to the next 1.5 weeks.

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