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Thanks for replying to my post earlier, it was really helpful. But one more question, how are the class in terms of difficulty? Are there any suggestions you have for which course/instructor? Again, Thanks!

There are thousands of classes available every semester. Some courses are taught by multiple professors and they all range in difficulty. There are often classes that will never be taught again, or new classes being offered for the first time. Check out to search… Read More

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Hey, I came across your blog about PKU. I’m an incoming freshman at NYU and I’m planning on going to the PKU Summer School International this summer. Although I have plenty of things that I’m not sure about (the info online is really confusing, especially housing), I’m really curious about the night/city life in Beijing. How is it/ how was your experience? Thanks!

Hey there, The night life in Beijing is very, very vibrant. Most people, particularly international students/foreigners go to San Li Tun 三里屯 District where there is a plethora of clubs and bars. You’ll meet people from every continent bar Antarctica.

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Bu, met (#7).

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.” In the last week, I’ve been seeing many student-tours around our campus – most of them Chinese. After class today, I headed back to my apartment. Kroeber Fountain was along the… Read More