Hi! Been reading your travel stories! So are you still based in Taiwan? How do you deal with jetlag…working across timezones etc? And maybe work/life balance?

Hello, thanks for reaching out!

Yes, I am still based on Taiwan.

Jetlag impacts me greatly, and I already don’t sleep well as it is. Sleeping on planes is not my thing, but an inflatable neck pillow helps. When back in Taipei, I sometimes take melatonin to help adjust; it doesn’t induce sleep, but helps keep me asleep if/when I finally fall asleep.

Working across timezones is easy. I keep the hours of the current timezone, and communicate with colleagues via chat services. I manage teams in Europe and Asia. When in Taiwan, I often start and end later to communicate with the Europe teams.

If we broadly categorize work, I also include thinking or acting on investments and personal finance. If that’s the case, I’d say my work/life balance is currently 80/20. In my opinion, your 20s is the time to shoot as far as you can, career wise. Any “play” you can spare, should be spared.

Even then, my work/life balance has greatly improved. I usually end work before 7:30pm now. I’ve made new friends in Taipei, which has made a big difference, else most my friends are in the States. I also began kickboxing classes at an MMA gym, getting my butt kicked every time.

Love reading your travel blogs! Never been to Songdo… living vicariously through you! thanks for writing!!!

Hello, thanks for your kind words! I’m making a commitment to publish in more regular intervals, folks like you keep me going.

I’m currently in Rome, and upcoming post schedule includes:

  • Couple more posts regarding Korea, including hiking at Bukhansan National Park.
  • Flying with Emirates for the first time.
  • Layover in Dubai International Airport
  • Rome.

My dream school is UC Berkeley (I’m a high school sophomore) and I just wanted to say that your Berkeley vlogs helped me out so much. :) Congrats on the acceptance AND graduating!

Hi Tammy,

Thanks for reaching out, and for the kind words! I’m glad I was able to help – I have a lot of unused footage and have more plans to publish some Q&A of many questions I’ve gotten over the past few years. Stay tuned for more. 🙂

Kind regards,


Watched a video of you with jumprope! Can you explain/teach how to get started?

Hello, thanks for your question. I sincerely apologize for such a delayed reply.

The first step to get started would be get a jump rope that you feel is a good fit. You really don’t have to do any research, just jump a few times with several types of ropes until you find one that feels comfortable. I use Sport Authority’s Speed Rope ($12 USD each). Never liked other types.

After that, you really just need to practice. Remember that the thickness of the rope is the minimum height that you need to jump to get over the rope. The way I look at it, any higher than that is “waste.” The less you surpass that minimum, the less work you do, the faster your rotation. The more you surpass that minimum, the harder it is on you, the slower you will jump per minute.

The videos you see on my YouTube channel range from 1-5 years of my jump rope experience (from 2009-2013). You can see how I progress in terms of speed, smoothness, and difficulty. I urge you to look at my videos from 2009 – I’m confident that anyone jump roping 20-30 minutes 3-5 times a week will get to that level in one year.

I would normally be happy to create specific tutorial videos for you, but I’ve had tendinitis for the past year in my right ankle, can’t do any cardio (I’ve gained quite some weight).

Good luck, reach out to me if you have any more questions.

What are your thoughts on social media creating an online presence? Does it help or hinder businesses and friendships?

Hello, thanks for your question.

I only use Facebook and Tumblr for social media. Continue reading “What are your thoughts on social media creating an online presence? Does it help or hinder businesses and friendships?”

Hey Andy, when I get around to writing my personal statement would you be able to look over it? Or maybe I’ll bounce the outline off you? I saw X-men too, the sentinels were scary as fuck lol.

Yes, I will be happy to take a look. Please send to my email at andyxcheng@gmail.com.