Continuing the sister’s family dream.

My sister created a photo caption blog showcasing our family vacations to  national parks.. My parents love traveling and has taken the family to every national park on the western half of the US. My sister wants to continue on that tradition by taking the family to the remaining ones.

I’d like to extend that wish.

Today I went to a Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) DC Chapter event consisting of a BBQ and hike. I first heard of TAP when I visited Boston and attended a TAP-Boston social, and I found that DC had a chapter as well. Unbeknownst to me until arrival, we were going to Great Falls National Park.


Located just 16 miles outside of DC, the place reminded me of Washington State parks. Green everywhere, violent Potomac waters, and beautiful all around.


I’d like to also talk about the TAP folks I met. They were incredibly friendly like the Boston folks, and they’re all amazing in each respects. With the exception of one person, my friend and I were the youngest ones there. Many had completed their masters and were young working professionals ranging from 24-30 years old.

It still baffles me how transient the Greater Washington DC area is. Some of them either went to school or have lived in the area, but others resided from other places such as Arizona or New Jersey. Many have studied or worked in Taiwan or China, and each one worked in diverse industries in engineering, government contracting, private contracting, or linguist work.


Afterward, we got to see the Asia-town of Maryland called Rockville before taking the metro back to our apartment.

Great day.

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