The first weekend in Washington DC.

I finally went exploring.

After work, went to Jazz in the Park, a famous annual music festival in a huge park. Got off Chinatown Metro stop, passed by National Archives. A group of us sat and drank sangria and beer, talked, and enjoyed the scene. Didn’t bring my camera so my amazing 1.3mp camera will suffice for now.

Many small groups were in the park and we all rendezvoused after to go eat. We then bought some drinks and brought it to our apartment to pregame.

About a dozen of us went out after pregaming at our apartment to hit the bars. Went to U and 14th street. First place was Patty Boom Boom. Overpacked, cover charge, clubby.

Met Adil next door at Lost Society which was quieter and less packed. Eventually grabbed a jumbo slice of pizza with him before heading home.

Slept at 3:00am or so, but had to wake up at 7:00am for the service project. Went to Powell Elementary School to help dismantle and pack all the supplies and teachers’ belongings due to remodeling.

Now, here’s some perspective. Four bullet holes in the window of the staircase. At an elementary school. Some food for thought.

Walked back to our apartment after. Cooked for some friends which was terribly fun. Napped for three hours before going to the gym. Attempted to watch Man of Steel and will re-attempt in a couple weeks. Socialized over food and drinks before I came home now. « Span of 10 hours – Not being too specific as not everyone is my mom and doesn’t care about every itty bitty detail.

Here’s a map for some context of where I am in DC.

B is the route which we walked back home from the elementary school today.

Oh also, Six days in DC, five visits to the gym.

Sleep time! Not sleeping enough.

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