Extended stay in Hong Kong, then off to Mumbai, India.

Unlike my first visit, my second visit to Hong Kong (2/24-2/25) was all business.

Landed, submitted my passport to the India visa processing office, and did some work in the hotel. Ate a delicious, pricey dinner to kick off the first of 28 days of traveling. Continue reading “Extended stay in Hong Kong, then off to Mumbai, India.”

Hong Kong: getting away from the buzz.

It’s been a crazy busy week, haven’t been able to blog. Here’s the final day of my [first] trip to Hong Kong (I flew back this morning).

On Sunday, February 16, Vivian found and treated me to a English lunch. We went to a sweet spot in Central and ate on the third floor patio in the city.

image Continue reading “Hong Kong: getting away from the buzz.”

Spending a day in Hong Kong Island.

Saturday in Hong Kong, 12/15/14.

Vivian and I slept for a long time, until noon. Much needed, since we had woken up at 4:45am for our flight the previous morning. After waking up, we ate lunch by slowly walking down the Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui district and eating a ton of small foods.

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Welcome to Hong Kong.

On Friday, February 14, I landed in Hong Kong International Airport. First time in Hong Kong.

I needed to go there to apply for an India entry visa, couldn’t do it in Taiwan for bureaucratic reasons. The original plan was to go for a one day visa run, but I thought that was boring and too tiring. Instead, I asked Vivian if she would spontaneously go with me for a weekend vacation, and she agreed. Continue reading “Welcome to Hong Kong.”