Hong Kong: getting away from the buzz.

It’s been a crazy busy week, haven’t been able to blog. Here’s the final day of my [first] trip to Hong Kong (I flew back this morning).

On Sunday, February 16, Vivian found and treated me to a English lunch. We went to a sweet spot in Central and ate on the third floor patio in the city.


We had pancakes and eggs benedict. I thought it tasted decent, but way too overpriced. Food prices in Hong Kong are comparable to San Francisco.

Afterward, we took the subway (MTR) to the end of the red line called Chai Wan 柴灣. The plan was to hike Dragon’s Back, go to Shek O Beach, eat seafood near the waters, and head back to our apartment.

I wanted to note that we had survived without working cell phones for the past three days. Before the trip, I did some research on places to go and created a rough itinerary. I then took screenshots of maps and wrote down notes on my phone. Google maps GPS, for some reason, worked fairly accurately though. Thanks Google.

So, our first hour off the MTR took us through a billion steps on the side of a gigantic cemetery. We then found ourselves in the middle of a lot of trees.

After asking for directions a couple of times and using our fellow Google friend for general directions, we found ourselves near the top of a mountain overlooking a gorgeous beach.


A billion steps took us up; a billion steps took us down. Going down hill sure hurts the joints. Finally, we made it down to sea level.


We walked along the beach. Took a random bus to another beach town, and walked on the beach some more, and ate Thai seafood in one of the town’s many restaurants.


A great quiet day, where we didn’t see too many people, didn’t smell cigarettes, didn’t hear cars honking, smelled fresh air, and got a good workout.

I may have jumped ahead too quickly. The hike was around 2 hours long. We spent an additional 2 hours at the beach (including dinner), and another hour to get back to Kowloon side.

We did some exploring around Mongkok. Hong Kong is the absolute king of shopping, everywhere you go is a vendor, store, or mall.

We stumbled upon Hong Kong’s longest escalator in a 13 story mall.


A well known ice cream dessert place happened to be in here too. Place was called Honeymoon dessert. It hit the spot. Chinese style ice cream is so much better than what’s in the US.


Went back to the apartment, packed, slept, and took our flight at 7:30am on Monday, February 17. I got into the office by 11am to get back on the grind.

Great weekend.

P.S. I wasn’t supposed to be so behind on this, but now that I’m back in Hong Kong alone, it definitely feels different. More work, much less play, much less time appreciating how culture-rich this place is.

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