Kerry, met.

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen?”

En route to Bangkok, I needed to pee. I pushed open an occupied lavatory, and the embarrassed girl pushed the door shut.

A guy waiting for his turn laughed, which invited a conversation.

His name is Kerry. What a small world, he used to live in Fullerton. He attended El Dorado High School back then, and is now an AP and IB Biology teacher at Diamond Bar High School.

Kerry is on a three-week vacation in Thailand. He plans to hang out in the Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket regions. He’s feeling lagged, as he’s been flying or in transit for the past 15 hours. Flying isn’t as dazzling as the movie Up in the Air portrays.

The guy likes fishing and has gone in 1-2 week fishing trips in the San Diego/Mexico area. Says that these long trips average $300 per day, all inclusive of fine dining, room & board, fishing equipment. He’s caught 200-pound yellow-fin tuna before, says the battle is exhilarating. Sounds like something I would really like.

Kerry has been met, but I wonder… how many people have I looked at all my life and never seen?

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