Korea: meeting up with old friends in Seoul.

Walked around Seoul on Sunday, April 20.

Sungnyemun, one of the Eight Gates within the city.

Walking in Namsan Park, looking at N Seoul Tower.

City view from Namsan Park.

Walked around some neighborhoods.

Reminds me of Grizzly Peaks looking at the Bay Area.

I walked and walked and walked, until I ran into someone familiar.

Had dinner with Stephanie, a fellow Cal Bear studying abroad at Yonsei University! She treated me to ddukbokki, which is hands down THE best spicy rice cakes I’ve ever had.

After that we walked around an old part of town and had some shaved ice.

The next day, I had some business around Yonsei University. I then walked around the campus.

The college hotspot.

Reminiscent of College Ave in Berkeley.

Had spicy naengmyeon, cold noodles. I was disappointed.

In the night, I had dinner with another friend.

Andrew is a fellow friend since junior high school! We hadn’t seen each other in about 4 years. Andrew’s just finished his masters in finance at Yonsei University and has signed a contract with Hyundai.

South Korea has been the most enjoyable country I’ve been to. Love the food, love the ease of transportation, and love that I didn’t have to fear for typhoid or malaria.

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