Xin Beitou

On Sunday, 1/26/2014, I went to Xin Beitou 新北頭 with my apartment mate Fiona. It was her last day in Taipei before going back to  Kao Hsiung 高雄.

Beitou is known for their hot springs. The place has been known for that since the Japanese occupation, and we went to places that were over one hundred years old. I didn’t look over the brochures too carefully, so here are some pictures to compensate.


Solar powered library.



Old Japanese Hot Springs

After that, we walked uphill for a while until we reached a riverbed where a lot of people were dipping their feet into the water. The water was from the natural springs, thus was warm. Felt great getting out of the noisiest part of the country to this relaxing area, where I could actually hear birds chirp!



Sup Fiona.

Then we walked over to the place where the hot springs formed. Baby stuff compared to Yellowstone National Park, I’m sure, but I have no recollection as was impressed anyway.


Went to Gongguan 公館 station afterward to eat dinner. Had ducks blood for the first time and other cool things, yum.

I’ll surely visit Fiona in Kao Hsiung in the future.

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