What does your workout/diet look like? Are the gyms in Taiwan nice?

Hello, thanks for your question!


My diet is absolutely horrendous at the moment. I haven’t cooked once, and don’t plan to cook until early March when I’m moving into a house with a kitchen.

Taiwan is bigger on carbohydrates and fats than protein, and meat portions are a lot smaller compared to the US. The food is also generally overly greasy and/or sweet.

I eat breakfast at small vendors every morning, ranging from pot stickers, turnip cake, sandwiches, or egg pancakes. For lunch, I follow my colleagues and eat whatever they want: ramen, rice dishes, curry, noodles. Again, not very healthy.

For dinner, I usually venture out on my own or with a colleague/friend and eat at the first place that looks good.

I’m resorting to 7 Eleven beef/pork jerky as a protein supplement after my workouts. I have been too lazy to look and order protein powder online.


I exercise when I don’t feel tired. Work splits are the following:

1. Pull (Upper & Lower Back, Biceps)
– deadlift, pull-ups, rows, curls

2. Push & Core (Chest, Triceps)
– bench press, flys, triceps extensions

3. Lower Body (Quads, Hamstrings)
– squats, leg press

4. Push & Core (Shoulders, Abs)
– shoulder press, raises, abs

My cardio is and has been very minimal since August, where I got tendinitis. Still not fully healed, and taking it easy on the ankles. However, I do walk an aggregate of 3-5 miles every day.


I really don’t like the gym I go to. Again, it really looks like a strip club. Red neon lights plaster the walls of the cycling room. Blue neon lights cover the outer walls. Bright red lounge chairs are where the trainers and salespeople hang out to strike negotiations. The ceilings are hung super low. The equipment is fine, but I just don’t like the venue and atmosphere.

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