From San Francisco, with love.

Quick blog before I sleep. I spent an hour typing a blog last weekend only to have the browser crash. Since the Yahoo takeover of Tumblr, the pages no longer save as draft. Shame. That was a long post that we’ll never, ever read.

Three months ago, I was hoping for my future to be on the east coast or in Asia.

Two months ago, I was offered the job in San Francisco. 7.5 weeks ago, I arrived in the Bay Area not quite happy to be back. After all, I thought I had exhausted this area for what it was worth.

I was wrong.

The commute to The City isn’t fantastic, especially BARTing in the mornings, but San Francisco itself is great. The city has got indescribable character. People of all sorts. The best weather in the world. Cars honking, people walking, tourists unawaring (not a real word), skyscrapers booming.

A 14 minute walk to the office off of Montgomery Station. Working next to the Transamerica building, the tallest skyscraper in The City. Taking lunch breaks in Chinatown or Little Italy. Seeing all sorts of people walking by. It’s great!


Then, of course, there’s the team. California Lightweight Crew. I still go to morning practices 1-2 times a week to help out where I can. The team looks incredible this year, and their progression is so apparent day by day.


Much of the broken equipment from last year is fixed. The erg room is cleaned and looking fabulous. And the commitment and passion shows in every rower.


And, of course, the water. Seeing the sun rise. Driving a launch (which oddly reminds me of sailing with Captain Graham). Even rowing twice, both times in an eight!

Lastly… there’s living in Berkeley for just a bit longer. I thought I was done with this place for good. I was even happy to be gone. But alas, I’m glad to be back. Living with two of my closest friends, seeing old friends, walking around campus some more, and reminiscing about the college days (as if it’s been so long heh).


Homecoming game vs. Washington. Surprise surprise, we lost. Note: no longer standing in the student section, but rather sitting with the alums!

I’ll be off for a Netherlands trip from October 18-November 2nd. Then I’m off to the Denver, Colorado area from November ~6-8, and Michigan from November ~24-27.

And then I say goodbye [again]  to San Francisco!

I hope to be back again one day.

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