The day has arrived, leaving Berkeley.

Dem emotions man. Where dem onions come from yo?

Thanks for everything guys.

5/17, Thank you Bo and Lawrence for Pappy’s. Thanks for visiting me from UCLA Justin, Edward, and Kevin from San Jose. For introducing me to your other pals.

5/18, Thanks for skydiving and good times, Sophie and Balcells. Thanks for the pizza Balcells and Crispin.

5/19, Thank you Emily and Justin for the Big C hike. Thanks for the campus tour and Daly City dim sum with Edward and his older brother. Thanks for the unexpected party at Mark’s place, seeing all the guys from last year.

5/20, Thanks for pressuring me to attend my own graduation. Thanks for attending and going out of your way to see me, friends. Thanks for everything, major department friends. Thanks for coordinating us to sit together, International Terrorism class of Chima. Thank you for lunch, Terisa and Crispin. Thank you Coach Mike and Dr. Jessica for the dinner. Thanks for the laughs graduating crew folks.

5/21, Thank you Coach Charlie for the last row with Crispin. Thank you Terisa and Crispin for helping me record my fail jump rope routine on Sproul. Thanks for the Giant’s game effort Balcells.

5/22, Thanks Sue for breakfast. Thanks Ellie for tailoring my suits. Thank you Crispin and Terisa for shopping in San Francisco. Thank you for the winter coat, Terisa, Sameer, Crispin, Shir, Jaclyn, Chris Williams, Jessica.

5/23, Thanks Crispin for making the “How to Get BUFF” gym video. Thanks for brunch Mike Stricherz.  Thanks for taking me sailing Sophie.

5/24, Thanks for the sailing attempt Sophie and Balcells. Thanks for Zachary’s Pizza.

5/25, Thanks for the graduation and meeting your family Emily. Thanks for Joshuya’s and catching up, Michelle. Thanks for coming up for the tour Okran, GO BEARS.

5/26, Thank you Kevin for letting me fly an airplane. Thank you Crispin for making that happen. Thank you for the air show. Thank you for homemade pizza at your home, and for hosting my parents and I.

5/27, Thank you for the Stanford experience, Caroline and Ken. Thank you for not barely raining on that day. Thank you for being our cross town rivals.

5/28, Thank you Indian Rock, Botanical Gardens, Marin Street, and the view of San Francisco. Thank you BART, Embarcadero and Market Street, Pier 39, and Union Square.

5/29, Thank you Berkeley Marina. Thank you Berkeley for having an open campus to let me show my parents classrooms and lecture halls.

5/30, Thank you Jack London. Thanks for Golden Gate and Bonita Cove. Thanks for the 1 Highway. Thanks for Sausalito, Mt. Tamalpais, and Stinson Beach.

5/31… Holy shit. I’m really leaving this place. Holy shit.


Thanks for everything.

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