Berkeley: saying them goodbyes (#7).

It’s been a week since the end of finals. All the freshman have disappeared, all the seniors have had their graduation commencements, and the city has been taken over by tourists and summer vacationists.

I’ve been steadily saying my goodbyes to the people who have collectively made my Berkeley experience. From walking on Monday with my classmates and friends, to having last meals or hangouts around the city, and to verbal or text exchanges. Yo it sucks.

You’ve all been good to me.

I find myself to be reluctant on spending money on perishable, diminishing, decaying goods. I’m not very fond on brand names, on clothing, on fancy gadgets (thus my dumb phone). What I rather enjoy is spending money on experiences, memories that last a lifetime.

To those I’ve graduated with, best of luck with your futures of working, grad school, traveling, and beyond. I have full confident in all of you, and I have no doubts we’ll stay in touch.

To those who remain in Berkeley for one, two, three more years… I’m selfish enough to say that I hate how you’ll all still be together while I’m venturing off into the next chapter of life. But, rest assured that I’ll come visit.

Until next time!

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