Beijing: the Ming Dynasty Tombs (Post #7).

Today’s post is about the Ming Dynasty Tombs, a one day adventure to the outskirts of Beijing County. The Ming Dynasty Tombs were built in the 15th century and contains 13 different tombs within driving distance of each other. A Sacred Way serves as the entrance to each of the tombs. We visited the Dingling tomb which is the only one that’s been excavated. Continue reading “Beijing: the Ming Dynasty Tombs (Post #7).”

Beijing: the city of spontaneity (Post #6).

During the first couple days in Beijing, I didn’t leave the premises of the school because I still hadn’t retrieved my debit card from the Bank of China Headquarters – the ATM machine had swallowed it the first night I was there. I felt safe exploring the rest of the city once I got it back.

Today’s post is about a single [typical] day in the city. Continue reading “Beijing: the city of spontaneity (Post #6).”

Beijing: more facts, observations, and niches (Post #5).

  • Our housing unit is similar to UCLA’s Rieber Terrace and Rieber Vista, which means that it’s awesome. Our room key is a card instead of a key. There are three elevators that travel quickly.
  • Thunderstorms are legit with well over ten lightning flashes a minute. I’ve been spoiled with “It Never Rains In” Southern California.

Continue reading “Beijing: more facts, observations, and niches (Post #5).”

Beijing: the two-week pre-course (Post #4).

This post is about the two-week pre-course of the study abroad program and about the my campus experiences so far.

The first day of the program officially started on Tuesday, June 19th. We received a welcome package that included individual name tags, maps of the school and the city, our school ID cards (aww yeah!), and a program guidebook. Continue reading “Beijing: the two-week pre-course (Post #4).”

Beijing: fantastically out of my comfort zone (Post #2).

This post is about my first whole day in Beijing. Some entries after this one will begin to incorporate details from multiple days. Other posts may not even talk about where I visited or what I did. Rather, I’ll talk about insights and observations about the city, the culture, and the overall environment here. Continue reading “Beijing: fantastically out of my comfort zone (Post #2).”

Beijing: tiresome flights and foreigners on different shores (Post #1).

I’m studying at Peking University 北京大學 in Beijing, China from June 19th-July 29th. Afterward, I head towards Taiwan for ten days to see the family and travel/explore. I’m going to document my experiences here. Everything will be written in English, but I’ll occasionally add Chinese definitions or phrases that won’t interrupt the reading. Continue reading “Beijing: tiresome flights and foreigners on different shores (Post #1).”

Sailing Catalina Island.

“Let me tell you about life, and bout the way it is… You see we live by the gun, so we die by the gun’s kids.” Snoop Dogg best describes the latest sailing trip with this quote, ‘cuz we had a gangsta party.

It’s been just over a year since my Mexico sailing trip. I should be ashamed of myself for not being remotely close to finishing the story, especially because it’s the hallmark of my life. Since then, I have gone sailing with the captain twice. The first one was a half day cruise around the Long Beach waters. The second one was a two day trip to and from Catalina Island. This experience with the crew was nothing short of exceptional. Continue reading “Sailing Catalina Island.”