Jakarta: airport differences compared to the US.

Landed Sunday afternoon, departed Saturday afternoon. I was in Jakarta just short of six full days.

This morning 1/10/14, I had breakfast with a fellow Cal friend Smiriti. We met in the dorms in our first year. She came over to the hotel for breakfast and we caught up for a bit. The topic of Berkeley came up a couple times, and it left me full of good feelings. Then I left for the airport. Continue reading “Jakarta: airport differences compared to the US.”

Reflecting on a week in Jakarta.

It’s been an overall wonderful week, both business plus personal. I’ve learned a ton about myself and the way I perceive the world. A lot of reflecting this week as well.

I’m still pretty idealistic – thank goodness, I think this is a good thing. I’m still a romantic – wish this could change this for my sake, but at this point it’s probably innate. Why even try to change who I am?

image Continue reading “Reflecting on a week in Jakarta.”

Jakarta: impressions of my hotel.

Hotel Location:
I was told by my business contacts that the Century Park Hotel is in the financial, wealthiest district of Jakarta. The hotel itself is well known and dubbed “athletes hotel” because a lot of professional athletes stay there, as it is next to the national sports complex. Continue reading “Jakarta: impressions of my hotel.”