Green Island: motorcycling around the entire island.

Snorkeling was great, but if I had to choose between that and scaling the island via motorcycle, I would choose the latter.

Taiwan is tropical and humid, and you’re sweating profusely when under the sun. Cruising around the island between 35-45 kph, however, will make the heat seem nonexistent.

Neither Michael and I had a motorcycle license, but we sweet-talked our way into getting electric bikes that cost only 600 NTD ($20 USD) per day to rent. Riding the bike was easy, very similar to a bicycle and easy to balance.

The entire island was only about 25 kilometers in circumference, and we went by portions of ocean as well as into mountainous roads.

Here’s the video that says it all.

None of this would have been possible without Shirley, Michael, and Henry. Henry planted the idea, and Michael provided suggestions of what to do, and Shirley planned the itinerary. I was a complete freeloader and owe them for the wonderful vacation.

First vacation in Taiwan, success!

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