Korea: Songdo, the international district.

I went to South Korea on a business trip from Thursday, April 17 to Tuesday, April 22.

I landed on Thursday evening and got to the apartment set up for me.

This was in Songdo, which is a new international district. The land used to be underwater, but was raised to sea level to accommodate for the buildings and businesses.

Having been to less developed countries in the past few months, the sight of a fully modernized country was a treat.

Everything looked very symmetrical, from roads and buildings to public parks.

This is called flag street, which shows all the flags of the world. This is one of the biggest roads of Songdo, with 4 or 5 lanes on each side.

Interesting things to point out: in the five days I was in Korea, I didn’t see a single Japanese car. I also saw very few colored cars. Most were white, variations of grey, or black. I was told that Koreans like to drive anonymous-looking vehicles, and I started actively looking for cars that stuck out.

Had some Korean BBQ for dinner, one of the best I’ve ever had. The quality is definitely different than the $10 AYCE in southern California.

Afterward, I took the subway to Seoul Station, where I would spend the weekend exploring!

If you’re familiar with how one subway works, you’ll know how to navigate all subways in the world. Combined with a simple app that I downloaded, I reached Seoul Station without any issues. Technology is amazing.

I had booked a hostel in Seoul Station out of convenience for my next business trip. I didn’t realize that it was the center of the city, similar to San Francisco’s Embarcadero or Taipei’s Zhongxiao Fuxing station. Super convenient place!

I didn’t get a SIM card here, thus relied on screenshots I took from Google Maps. There’s also something weird about my phone’s GPS system. Even though I don’t have any internet connection, Google Maps still shows where I am on the map. This was how I survived India and Indonesia. I found my way to the hostel after 20 minutes of scouring around.

I admittedly was skeptical about this alleyway, but I think the hostel was perfect. Just a simple bunk bed with a small desk and cabinet. Perfect for my needs.

Korea ranks amongst my favorite countries, lots of things to do, convenient travel, and safe.

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