In the Taiwan mountains: Wulai

Apologies for not posting recently, I’ve been extremely busy and haven’t had any mental energy to produce blog posts.

On Sunday, April 4, I went hiking again with the Taipei Adventure Group. We were going to Wulai, a 45 minute drive away from the outskirts of Taipei city. We took the 849 bus from Xindian 新店 MRT Station.

Upon arriving, we saw this view.

The 15 of us walked towards the tourist part of the town, filled with small shops and stalls. The view along the way:

Here’s the bridge that crosses into the town.

The day definitely contributed to my 6-pound gain since coming to Taiwan (I am now over 170 pounds).

We took mini trains into the waterfall section of the mountains.

And here’s the beautiful waterfall.

There was also a gondola that took us up above the waterfall.

Lots of cool things up here. Canoeing, mini ziplines, bars, restaurants. And of course, the view, which is what I care most about. I love nature (thanks Dad, for taking me to all the US National Parks as a kid).

Watched a Taiwanese aboriginal performance from a shack. Reminded me of doing Polynesian dancing from back in the day.

Afterward, we went back down the mountain to hang out by the waters.

The group was super cool. I met a fellow Berkeley alum who was taking a break from work. He’s been working at UCSF Medical Center for a while and lives in North Berkeley.

I also met a software engineer, whom I’m going to dedicate the next blog post to.

Apologies for the lack of text, I’m letting the pictures do the talking since my mind is elsewhere – there’s a thunderstorm that’s distracting me, and there’s a book I’ve been dying to read.

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