Galle, Sri Lanka: the Dutch fort and surroundings.

On Saturday, 3/16/14, I took a bus down to the southern end of the country to Galle, a major city in Sri Lanka. In Taiwan terms, I went from Chiayi to Kaohsiung.

The bus ride down was great in itself. I got to see the countryside for all its worth, and it really reminded me of the South/Southeast Asia I learned about from movies. The palm tree and banana trees, different types of greeneries. Lots and lots of greens. Different types of hills and mini-mountains.

The United States doesn’t have any environment like this. It’s like a jungle, but not Amazonian. It’s many different shades of green, but still bright like a Granny Smith Apple. It’s like movie clips from the Vietnam War, the greenness is real.

I’m happy to say that I didn’t take any pictures of the view, both to and from. I was too encapsulated by the view, and felt no picture nor video can ever be a sufficient recreation.

Finally reached Galle and headed towards the Dutch fort. Walked around the perimeters, where a track meet was going on.

The waters were clean and crisp, as usual.

Walked into the large fort, definitely dwarfed by the Forbidden City, but definitely nothing small.

Center roundabout.

Ate some lunch at a small local restaurant.

Fish was good, felt guilty about eating fries and getting fat.

Definitely not Sri Lankan architecture. Them Dutchess influence.

What was heartbreaking to see, in addition to the beggars, were the wild cats and dogs that looked sickly and malnourished. None were afraid of human beings, they seemed more concerned about staying alive by scouring for anything to eat.

Wonder what that building is partially in the water?

Large courtyard area. Stood here for a couple minutes staring at the trees. They’re gigantic and should really be re-created in someone’s back tattoo. That would be a sight.

Got to climb the fort walls and walk on the perimeter. Got to hang out with a wild iguana who ignored my presence.

Really amazing to know that this is the largest standing European fort that remains in Asia.

Imagine farmers and hunters and blacksmiths and other stuff that went on here hundreds of years ago.

Took the bus back to Colombo. Got myself a 60-minute full body Thai massage. It was more expensive than the 90-minute massage in Jakarta, and I felt the latter felt better. Afterward, treated myself to a dinner on the balcony of a newly opened restaurant.

Mediocre, but I’m not a picky eater.

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