India: my first day in Hyderabad.

Since my last post, I’ve left Sri Lanka and am now in Bangladesh. Really behind on posting, which I feel affects how much detail I put into each post. Apologies for this.

I was in Hyderabad for five days, from March 8-13. Hyderabad was more humid than Mumbai and Delhi, but the people seemed friendlier.

Hyderabad is called the City of Pearls. It’s famous for it’s ancient bazaars, which are still being run in the same location today. Tons of shops throughout the city sell pearls and other jewelry.

I upgraded back to a 4-Star living quarters called The Golkonda Hotel. This one was very comfortable, and I had a nice view of the pooldeck.

This hotel had super quick elevators, which I’m finding to be one of my favorite things in a hotel. That, along with strong shower water pressure and complimentary water and you got a happy customer.

I haven’t been exercising very much, so I took a jog. Found myself inhaling a lot of carbon monoxide and dust, the city was pretty dusty. Everyone kept staring at me: Asian guy wearing a tank top, running on the side of the road. Not many people expose their arms, everyone dresses very conservatively.

Found myself in the back of a park. Looked scary as hell, especially with a random fire in the dumpster.

I had to pay 3 Rupees to get into the park, which I’m guessing serves as a deterrence for homeless people to live in. The park was an oasis, once again. Looks completely different than 15 feet outside of the park.

Seeing women completely covered up and sliding down a slide was very fascinating to me. I did some pull-ups and ran back to the hotel.

I got chicken biryani and some cookies to go from a famous place called Paradise Bakery. Did not expect the size of the $2.5 USD meal, consumed less than half before re-packaging it (pics to come in a part-two food porn post).

Another thing I really like about Hyderabad is the traffic. Having suffered through Mumbai traffic, which is by far the worst traffic I’ve ever experienced (makes Taipei traffic feel like 120 km/h), the traffic here felt like a breeze.

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