South Mumbai and the ocean.

Apologies for such late posts, I’ve been crazy busy. I’m currently ending my third and final night in Gurgaon. Tomorrow, I fly to Hyderabad. I haven’t even finished talking about Mumbai!

Got to explore South Mumbai a bit.

After work on Friday, 2/28, I attended a dinner reception with other folks. We crossed the famous Sea Link that was just built a few years ago. Got to see the growing Mumbai skyline as we crossed the bridge, similar to seeing the SF skyline while crossing the Bay Bridge.

We reached the Sea Blue venue, across the street from the ocean. While everyone else got drunk, I jaywalked across the insanely aggressive traffic and watched the sun set at an incredible pace down the Arabian sea. Three other guys had done the same: two Australians and one British.

“We’ll never see anything like this ever again,” one said. I think he’s right.

On Sunday, I took a cab down further south. Crossed the bridge again (toll of $1.38 for a round trip ticket. The driver didn’t speak any English, and I communicated that I would like to be taken anywhere.

He dropped me off at the Gate of India, famous harbor structure.

I walked to the end, saw a ferry docked, and asked “how much?”

“70 Rupees ($1.14),” The man said. “For how long?” I asked.

“30 minutes,” he replied.

I jumped on a 30 minute cruise for $1.14.

Took a ride around the Mumbai harbor. Saw a few navy ships in the shipyard, went around the navy training island. It was a quiet, calm ride. It was nice absorbing the sun. This can’t be qualitatively compared to a Newport Beach boat tour. Rather, it was fascinating to see how a growing economy’s harbor looked.

Afterward, I ate at a famous place near the port called Leopolds. It was a foreigner restaurant and bar. I definitely would not recommend it, it’s the same thing as being in America.

As always, best part of the day is being by the ocean. The drive to and from South Mumbai takes me by the coast. Reminds me of Pacific Coast Highway in California, one of the world’s most beautiful drive.

I’ll be back one day, California. 2, 3, 4, 5+ years from now, who knows? But I plan to go back one day.

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