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Adjusting: the move to Taiwan (#1).

It’s been four days since I landed in Taiwan. Still adjusting to the time difference and have been quite jetlagged, sleeping at 8-11pm and waking up at ~5am in the mornings.

It hasn’t really hit me yet. I’m in Taiwan and will be here for a while. I feel ethereal, perhaps a bit delirious from the time difference.

Things have been moving at a very fast pace.

Wednesday, December 4: After a 13 hour flight, I landed in the airport at 10pm and reached my hotel by 11:30pm.

Thursday: I went to work the next day trying to adjust to the time difference as quickly as possible – it was pretty damn tiring. Moved all my stuff into my AirBNB hotel in the night, just 400 meters away from the office!

Friday: Worked, and got a SIM card for my new phone (iMessage me at +886 975-676-565).

Saturday: Went to the opposite end of the country to visit some relatives and drop off some goods that my mom brought for them. The high speed rail travels at 180 miles per hour! Came back and acquainted myself to the Xi An 西安 District with a colleague.

Sunday: Shopped for and leased a new apartment, 800 meters from the office! I’ll be there for the next three months before I move into a different place. Familiarized myself to the Taipei Main Station 台北站 District with a friend.

Not much energy left and I have a lot on my mind, so I’ll update when I feel more fresh!

P.S. Google Translate is one of the best apps ever invented. I constantly use it to look up things I don’t understand, or to translate what I want to communicate to Chinese. Thanks Google, for taking over the world.


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