Crew, I have never felt so defeated before (#3).

It’s 9:27am. Usually I’m sound asleep at this time, having come back from morning practice. But I’ve spent the past 50 minutes icing and massaging my calves, quadriceps, and hips. I have never felt so defeated before.

It was too foggy to row this morning. The coaches decide we would do a land workout instead – everyone groaned. Continue reading “Crew, I have never felt so defeated before (#3).”

What I’m thankful for this year.

In my post last Thanksgiving, I gave props to my mom. This year, I want to extend my gratitude to the aggregate of my relationships. Without them, I’d be a completely different person today. In no particular order, I’ll be going down a list of people/groups/things I’m thankful for until I want to take a shower.

I want to give thanks to the Captain. If I hadn’t met him, I wouldn’t have been such an adventurer. I wouldn’t have experienced ocean waters. I wouldn’t respect the ocean and Mother Nature as I do now. I wouldn’t have the father figure and the role model I see in him. Continue reading “What I’m thankful for this year.”

Crew, and how I joined (Post #1).

As the title signifies, this post is about how I joined my newly discovered passion. This post is also dedicated to a dear friend, for I wouldn’t have otherwise been exposed.

Spring 2012: “You’re crazy for rowing 10,000 meters several times a week,” I thought as Crispin walked to the second floor of the school gym to use the rowing machine. He had been wanting to join crew for a while, a sport I had zero knowledge and interest about. I joined him once, and I rowed for a good five minutes before growing bored and tired with the repetitive motions.

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UC Berkeley: The Big Game (Post #6).

This post is only partially about the UC Berkeley vs. Stanford football game on 10/20/12. I’m focus mostly on my day in a broader sense.

I’ve grown to love college football, and football in general this year. With the exception of this past week, I’ve attended every home game. Something about being in the middle of the student section, cheering on the team through an in-group mentality feels empowering. Unequivocal. Ecstatic.

Now, what makes The Big Game special to me isn’t particularly because we’re facing off against our Bay Area arch-nemesis. It’s because the most influential figure of my life, Captain Graham, comes up every year for the game.

Cabo San Lucas, July 2010.

The game itself was a bit disappointing, because we lost of course. Most of the action occurred in the first quarter, and the score remained unchanged throughout the second half of the game. Even then, I was amongst good company in a good crowd. Our football team may have been defeated, but our spirits stood their ground. GO BEARS!

The newly renovated Memorial Stadium.

Oh Stanfurd…

I met up with Captain Graham and his wife Deanna after the game. We slowly walked around south side and through parts of campus. I gave them a tour and identified Boalt Law School, certain classrooms, South Hall, Bancroft/University Library, the Campanile, and VLSB.

It was a great feeling being able to give the two a tour around campus. Although they’ve been on campus a few times, they had never been taken their time to look at campus aesthetics.

We then walked to the BART station where we said our goodbyes. The next time I’ll see him will be back in Orange County this upcoming winter break. Until next time!

If I happen to attend The Big Game these upcoming years, I’ll be sure to sit in the alumni section and return the BEARS call to the student section’s GO!

The opportunity costs of being away from home.

I love my independence. I love being off on my own, doing my own thing at my own pace, and dictating whatever course of action I wish. That being said, there are drawbacks to being away from home.

On Labor Day yesterday, my family and my sister’s boyfriend’s family met for the first time ever. They made lunch and played Mahjong afterward. Continue reading “The opportunity costs of being away from home.”