UC Berkeley: Classes (Post #3)

Six weeks have passed since the start of classes. According to the school officials, 4-6 weeks is typically required to fully adjust to the university setting. I’m not sure if I’ve fully adjusted yet, but I’m definitely feeling more comfortable here. Life here is good for the most part – one of the few drawbacks is the courses I’ve enrolled in this semester. Today’s post is about my classroom experience at UC Berkeley. Continue reading “UC Berkeley: Classes (Post #3)”

UC Berkeley: The Introduction (Post #1)

I realized that It’s been three weeks since I’ve moved up here to Berkeley, yet I haven’t even written exclusively about it. I’ve been documenting various aspects of my life here via photos and videos, and it’s time I start incorporating them with writing as well. Continue reading “UC Berkeley: The Introduction (Post #1)”

Formalities: more like abnormalities.

It still doesn’t feel as though I’m 21 years old, but the polite people I’ve been encountering are constantly reminding me of that fact.

I’ve always enjoyed interpersonal communication on a first name basis. Whether it be with a friend, a family member, an acquaintance, or even a complete stranger, I’ve always preferred going by Andy. Continue reading “Formalities: more like abnormalities.”

Sailing Catalina Island.

“Let me tell you about life, and bout the way it is… You see we live by the gun, so we die by the gun’s kids.” Snoop Dogg best describes the latest sailing trip with this quote, ‘cuz we had a gangsta party.

It’s been just over a year since my Mexico sailing trip. I should be ashamed of myself for not being remotely close to finishing the story, especially because it’s the hallmark of my life. Since then, I have gone sailing with the captain twice. The first one was a half day cruise around the Long Beach waters. The second one was a two day trip to and from Catalina Island. This experience with the crew was nothing short of exceptional. Continue reading “Sailing Catalina Island.”

Chessmaster: a different perspective on Starcraft.

I play Starcraft II, and just until last night I realized how much I hid it from my friends. It’s not because I play too much; it might be a feeling of shame due to my past addiction to World of Warcraft. However, one of my teammates gave me a different outlook on this particular game. Continue reading “Chessmaster: a different perspective on Starcraft.”

The Tutoring Experience

I was a tutor in Fullerton College’s Writing Center this year. I’ve learned so much as a result. I owe it to my Critical Reasoning and Writing professor, Dr. Claudia Stanger, for having recommended me to become a tutor. Having conducted my last tutoring session last week, I wanted to share my reflection on my overall experience. Continue reading “The Tutoring Experience”