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Dream retention (#31).

I remember two dreams from last night.

In the first dream, I was part of a group of people who were stranded on an island. We were in a jungle or forest, and were trying to outrun three women (or witches).

We failed at hiding, and the witches shot darts at us, transforming us into small to medium sized trinkets or materials. Each person transformed into 3-4 of those said objects. As the island became more inhabited with people, folks bartered my multiples, I became more “valuable” and was able to redeem more humanistic characteristics. Eventually, myself and others became human again, and we were able to barter our former goods to make a living.

I only remember two goods: AstroTurf, blue buckets. Yes, I became AstroTurf when I was shot by witches.

In the second dream, I was resting on a podium in the middle of a walkway, in the middle of an open recreational park. The park was slightly hilly, and the grass was perfectly green. A stray cat was sniffing around the grass a few feet to my right, and I pretended not to pay it any attention so not to spook it.

All of a sudden, the cat pounces onto the grass and pulls out a small 1.5 feet white-colored snake. The cat skins the snake perfectly and eats its white and red meat.

Analysis: In the first dream, the jungle may have been from my recent playthrough of the 2013 computer game Tomb Raider. I watched a clip of Kill Bill Vol. 2 yesterday, including the scene where Bill shoots Beatrix with the truth serum dart.

In the second dream, the skinning of the snake may have been my recent thoughts and brief talks about PETA regarding their filming of animals.


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