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One year goes a long way.

As I write now, my parents are flying back to the US. They visited Taiwan to see me and our other relatives.

I greeted them at the bus stop in Taipei on June 2. Six months before on December 2, 2013, I left California and moved to Taiwan for my company. I have now lived here for over half a year.

It was this month last year when I moved to Washington DC. Right about this second, I was sending follow-up emails to some retired diplomats and foreign service officers whom I met at a dinner event.


One year is a long time. The DC me was ripe with ambition, but also doubtful of his capabilities. The DC me was anxious to prove himself worthy of others. The DC me was fearful of failure. This fear pushed me to the networking events, to learn more about others, to help me find me.

One by one, my plans were dispelled. No longer did I feel that DC was my calling. The timing wasn’t right, and my mindset wasn’t right.


Great Falls Park, Virginia


White House

One year goes a long way. I left DC and began working in San Francisco in the tech industry. I spent three months living on the couch of two of my closest friends in Berkeley, Crispin and Terisa. I spent many mornings with my beloved friends Mike and Jessica, watching over the California Lightweight Crew team.



California was great, but my heart erred towards Taipei. I’ve been in Asia since. One year goes a long way, and I’ve got new goals, new priorities, and a different mindset.

Let’s get it done.


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