How does it feel to reconnect with your roots? I’m always curious because growing up in the States must give you a more ‘western’ perspective on things. The culture you grew up with is also very different? I visit my homecountry a couple times a year, and the way I interact with local friends is very different with my american friends. The dating experience is also very different!

Hello, thanks for your question!

I’m not sure how to describe my feelings. I’ve been to Taiwan nearly a dozen times before, but it was usually 1-3 weeks long. I was also young, and the objective was mainly to see my family.

Now that I aim to be here for 3+ years, it certainly feels different. Most of the time, I feel normal. I’m used to Taipei city life now. It’s only when I’m away from city life when I feel a woo factor.

I’m taking my time exploring here, but the day-to-day living is already helping me connect with my roots. My Mandarin is improved a lot, Taiwanese not so much. I’m not reacting to differences in culture as much. Culture here is very different. That’s a post in itself.

It’s still difficult making friends with locals without another person introducing us. I’ve tried randomly on the subway, or in a restaurant. People are pretty taken aback. I feel it will actually be easier if I didn’t look Taiwanese.

Dating is different here. My current girlfriend is more Taiwanese than western (no shit, Sherlock). We’re both learning to cope with cultural differences.

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