perks of living in taiwan!

Hello, thanks for your question!

Perks of living in Taiwan:

1. 2x the purchasing power if I lived in OC/LA. 2.5-3x if I lived in the San Francisco.

2. Saving and investing a lot more money.

3. Greatly improving my Mandarin. 80% of my work is in English. 90% of my life outside of work is in Mandarin.

4. Slowly, slowly improving my Taiwanese.

5. Only speak in English if I don’t want to talk to someone (when people trying to sell me stuff).

6. Public transportation > [Bay Area + DC + (LA * 10998)]

7. Easy access to expats from all over the world.

8. Superior (quality + price) health care.

9. Smart, gorgeous Taiwanese girlfriend.

10. Learning about my cultural roots.

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