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Validation, one of the best feelings.



substantiate; confirm; to be acknowledged

I didn’t feel this in high school. I especially didn’t feel this in college. I didn’t even feel this in DC.

But I feel it now. I’ve felt it since the first day of my job in the San Francisco office, next to the Transamerica Building off of Montgomery Street. Well, maybe not the first day. Maybe not the first month where I felt like I knew absolutely nothing and was going to get fired.

Anyhow, I feel this every day now. I feel alive, part of something magnificent, part of a revolution. I’m drinking right out of the Kool-Aid fountain which I bought with three hefty luggage pieces and a goodbye to everything comfortable in California.

This is my time. Early 20s, stamina, ambition, ambition, ambition. It was my dream to live and work in Taiwan, and I got this right out of school. I’m now chasing after the next big dream, and I believe I will reach it.



anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility

This is hardly a job.

In 60 hours, I’ll have landed in Hong Kong for the very first time. 3 hours thereafter, I’ll have successfully applied for my India and Sri Lanka Visas. 9 hours thereafter, I’ll be exploring the country for the entire weekend with a wonderful girl on an unlimited expense budget.

At the end of this month, I’ll be on the road for 26 days. I’ll be in India (Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad), Sri Lanka (Colombo), Bangladesh (Dhaka), and Singapore.

I booked all my own flights.




I booked all my own hotels.




If you’re reading this, I want to thank you. Thanks to you, I never felt validated at Berkeley. You doubted me, judged me, called me a “humanities major” with “no ambition” and “would never make a good living.” Thanks for putting all that pressure on me, for making me feel like nothing, because I am currently the complete opposite of your choice descriptors of me.

Tell me I can’t. Tell me I’ll fail. Tell me I’m not good enough. Keep telling me that, because it invalidates me. Keep going, because I love proving you wrong.

No matter how much I hate you, I have to thank you for providing me with all this motivation to prove you wrong. In return, I want to share with you some advice.

Stop spending your time on Facebook, creating an fictional image of yourself. Stop spending your time on LinkedIn, tending to your job titles that are nothing more than college club positions. Stop using and hurting others to try to get ahead – this will haunt you in the future.

Stop acting, and start doing for real. Stop looking at the mirror, and start looking ahead of you. Stop chasing after name brand, start going for authenticity. Stop chasing money, go for passion. Stop being arrogant, be more humble.

When you’ve accomplished that, I believe you will start feeling the very validation that I feel today.


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