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So what are you saying in that post? Where exactly are you deriving this validation? Is it from the luxurious trappings of your job or from an inward source? The end of the post seems contradictory, you’re telling people to stop being artificial and chasing material objects yet at the same time you’re listing your ritzy occupational benefits. You then go on to use these benefits to shame your skeptics. There seems to be two very conflicting ideas in that post. Clarification would be appreciated.

Hello, thanks for your question.

The validation is inward/internal. I didn’t feel accomplished in high school, from what I studied in college, or of my prospects in DC.

I do not refer to material objects when I say the following: ”Stop chasing after name brand, start going for authenticity. Stop chasing money, go for passion.” By name brand, I referred to name brand companies to work for. By chasing money, I meant going for a job that does not offer much satisfaction other than high pay.

I agree with you. I thought I was contradicting myself in the end but chose to omit that thought. The very nature of this post is contradictory. I’m encouraging folks to do things for themselves without pressure from others. In the meantime, a lot of my motivation stems from folks who tell me that I am inferior or a failure (e.g. you’re a transfer student, you’re a social science major), then proving them otherwise.

I love the anecdote of Michael Jordan posting the doubts that people expressed about him in his locker, which gave him motivation. This blog is my locker. I don’t think I’m shaming anybody. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with giving the middle finger to people who looked down on me. 這些人以為他們這麼偉大,看不起我。我不輸別人。

Most folks know that this blog has been active for nearly four years. Most are also aware that I’m honest in this blog, and would leave things out rather than lie in the post. I think it’s okay to share some personality in a personal blog.


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