Do you find that a lot of the Taiwanese work culture to be similar to Western work culture? I was just curious because from a Westerner’s point of view, that last person in your most recent post would have been considered rude, but I wondered how much that was due to my own cultural upbringing. Feel free to elaborate on other differences as well! Miss ya dude.

Hi Terisa, thanks for your question!

Work hours, from what I see, seems to be more cutthroat on average. The gym salespeople work 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week, with 3 days of break a month.

Many shops open until 10 or 11pm, and they open anywhere from 8-10am. The same person opens and closed shop.

Work culture differs depending on industry. A friend I met here says that her job is relaxing and does not go past 8 hour shifts. However, she does not have a set work schedule and often works the graveyard shift. This is in the hotel industry.

Other than meeting people who are in various industries here, I personally don’t deal with any Taiwanese companies.

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