Jetsettin’ with Wendy.

Almost two years ago, I submitted an internship application to an employer. I ended up working for her for about one year, writing articles for the online platform Jetset Times, which she had founded.

I had only met Wendy twice during that time, as it was remote work.

A week ago, I saw that she was in Taiwan for the next couple months and contacted her. We ended up getting dinner and talked for 3.5 hours.


Before our meeting, I had (and still do) so much respect for her, as she had traveled much of the world. She had also lived in Taiwan, San Francisco, Paris, and Japan. That’s a lot of cultural tolerance and perspective. I actually found her intimidating back then, despite her lighthearted, chill personality.

Wendy reminds me of Angelina Jolie. Headstrong, independent, and does her own thing. Opportunities come her way, and she snatches it. Carpe Diem. She had just come from Panama, where she may have walked by Captain Graham’s boat. She’s going to Myanmar next week, a place where most people I know would be too scared to travel to.


In 2012, it was ranked the #5 most corrupt country in the world. In 2013, it is the #20 most corrupt country. Yeah, Wendy’s going there.

There’s something about traveling. Sure, it gets tiring. And I’m starting to not like airplanes. But as Wendy says, “Traveling is the best form of education.” Getting to the destination, having done some research or none, you’re bound to be surprised by the people, the environment, and the culture. Jakarta did that to me. Netherlands did that to me. Even Stockton, Denver, and Detroit did that to me in November.

Wendy has seen almost the entire world. She’ll be headed to Buenos Aires this year, which leaves Antarctica as the only continent she’s never stepped foot on. Knowing her, she’ll make it happen one day. She’s following her passion. I believe Confucius says, “Find a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life.” She’s doing that, good for her.

Once again, I’m incredibly lucky to have found a job that lets me travel the world. I didn’t expect to actually live and work in Taiwan, which was my goal for the past several years. It was great to have caught up with a former boss, and now, a friend!

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