Anderson Silva: the end of a career, the beginning of a legacy.

Watching Anderson Silva snap his leg in half today was heartbreaking. The entire bar was in shock as it was so sudden, so unexpected. Not a single cheer was heard in the bar, it was more concern with Anderson.

I left as soon as the post-fight interview with Weidman was over. He really is a nice guy. Congratulations, Weidman.

But this post is about Silva, the greatest mixed martial artist to have ever lived.

I have no doubt that Silva is retiring. He’s almost 40 years old, and a shin fracture like that is a career ender, or at the least a couple years of rehab. He won’t ever be the same again.

What’s more saddening is that his lifestyle may be altered forever. He may never be able to walk the same. His five kids, who love soccer, may never play with their father again.

We watched today, a man who was seemingly invincible (because his first loss to Weidman doesn’t take any credibility away from his invincibility), to the most vulnerable man ever.

That’s heartbreaking.

I sincerely hope the best for his recovery. I hope he enjoys the rest of his life, as he’s been yearning, away from the media and the attention, with his family, back in Brazil.

Anderson, I am happy to have followed you since your Pride days. You’ll always have support, and you’ll be remembered along with the greats of Ali.

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