You sound like a guy with a good head on your shoulders and strong values! Thoughts on dating, relationships, love? Not ready or haven’t met the right one?

Hello, thanks for your question and kind opinion of me.

I’ll talk about relationships, dating, and love in that particular order.


Good question! Date people who you enjoy being around. Go on many dates with one person, and go on an equal amount of dates with other people. Dating is casual and fun, short term for the most part. If you find someone who you want to be with exclusively, communicate so, and hopefully it will lead to a…


My thoughts on a relationship. Well, I’m a relationship person. That being said, I’ve only been in one relationship, one which I should have never been in. I was good to the wrong person.

I value relationships a lot. I know myself well enough that I give 100% in relationships, be it platonic or romantic. I know I’m good to people that matter to me.

Thoughts on me being in a relationship… damn good question. I’ll tell you right now, this very second, I would love to be in a relationship. If only life were that easy, eh?

In reality, the results of my first relationship has led me to become very cautious. I’ve defaulted to dating for the past year, which is strange to me even now, as I’d rather be in a relationship any day over casual dating.

I’m also moving around too often. I’m based out of Taipei for the next 2+ years, but how much of that time will be spent traveling abroad? Who in their right mind would stay with a man traveling so often? I don’t think I’m worth it, and if I happened to be, I wouldn’t want to put her through that. That’s not fair for her.

There’s so much else to talk about. I wrote a quick note on long distance but deleted it. Feel free to ask more specific questions if I didn’t fully answer your question.


I’ve never been in love before. I’ve loved before, and I’ve had my heart broken before. I believe in love. But I’ve never been in love.

Not ready for haven’t met the right one?

I’ve never been ‘not ready.’ Three days ago, I confessed my feelings to someone I met here. Told her I would have hated myself if I didn’t let her know.

She’s absolutely incredible. I’ve never met someone like her before. And she’s one of the most gorgeous persons I’ve ever met. She didn’t reciprocate. But that’s okay. It really is okay. Some time down the road, I’ll stumble upon another woman, stranger or friend, who turns out to be compatible and incredible. And I won’t hesitate to let her know then.

Until then, same old story: focus on how I could be an overall better person.

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