So while you were engaging in self-destructive behavior did you ever hit a rock bottom? Was there a defining moment when you realized you needed to change? Or was it more of a gradual realization and subsequent change?

Hello, thanks for your question.

Before I answer you, I just wanted to make it clear that receiving anonymous questions is rare for me. I don’t expect many people to read more than a couple of my blog posts, let alone ask questions. Assuming that you’re the same person, it’s flattering, even a bit unsettling, that you’re asking some questions that I otherwise WOULD NEVER publicly write about. However, out of respect your interest in my perspectives, I try to answer as wholeheartedly as possible.

I refuse to say dishonest things on here, especially because I would like my child(ren) to see this one day. Because of that, I will exclude things I truly do not want to talk about, as this is a public site. For example, the question about my dad took me over an hour to write. I had deleted an entire entry before starting from scratch again.


Rock bottom is different for everyone. I suppose my rock bottom is child’s game compared to someone in, say, the children in the slums of Rio De Janeiro. Nonetheless, there’s a great quote from Ash Beckham: “There is no harder, there is just hard.” (I urge you to watch the video when if you can spare 10 minutes).

I’ve had a few hard times in my life.

I am so sorry, I spent the past 1.5 hours writing and re-writing two different stories. In the end, I really don’t want to answer this question. I tried giving some allusions but wasn’t happy with what I wrote. I sincerely apologize and I hope you’re not disappointed.

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