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A half day visit to Stockton, California.

On Monday, November 18, I rented a car and drove 75 miles to Stockton, California for a half day business trip. My prior knowledge of Stockton consisted of three things:

1. University of the Pacific, where my cousin went for Pharmacy School.
2. Nick Diaz, professional mixed martial artist who talks about growing up in the ghetto.
3. General consensus that it is in the middle of nowhere.

So, where to begin.

Stockton buildings are really low. There is a bit of air pollution or fog. It felt a bit like the Wild West.

In the 30 minutes that I spent outside of a building, I noticed that 85% of pedestrians wore extremely baggy clothing, smoked cigarettes, and walked with a limp.

Many were tattooed, many were loitering, and some were homeless. About 1/3 of folks walking around were African American and 1/3 were Latinos. The place reminded me a bit of some areas in Long Beach.

I felt really exposed dressed in business attire, but nobody paid me any attention.

That’s it.


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