Susie and Ren Han, met (#16).

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen?”

Met a great couple on the flight back from Amsterdam to San Francisco.

Susie’s father was a Taiwan diplomatic officer. Thus, she was born in India, went to junior high school in Taiwan, high school in Indonesia, and college in the US. Both she and Ren Han graduated from UCLA. Both Susie and Ren Han speak English incredibly well.

The two are retired and live in San Jose. They were on vacation in Spain. Their two daughters both graduated from Cal (GO BEARS) in 1999 and 2002. One is a physician. The other got her masters in English from UC Santa Cruz and became a teacher. Wanting to teach at the four-year university level, she is now completing her Ph.D from UCLA.

I really like both of them. They are polite, sweet, and charismatic.

Plot twist: I’m writing this mid-flight, while they’re still sitting next to me. A part of me really wants to ask for their contact information to keep in touch, while the other half of me thinks that they’ll think I’m a fool.

To be continued.

8 hours later: Back in Berkeley. I didn’t ask for their contact information.

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